A custom mobile can consist of renting a treatment installation for a longer period or large amounts of water to be treated. This installation can be customized to suit specific situations, such as a defect in your own installation, or a long delivery time when u have purchased an installation. It also offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with specific technology. Of course, combinations can also be made with our temporary buffering capabilities.


The features of our mobile installations with the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND technology are:
Treatment of ditch water
Removal of residues of plant protection products and growth regulators
Disinfecting of viruses, fungi and bacteria
Treatment of spray water (according to the BZG certification)
Cleaning drainage pipes by means of dosage of hydrogen peroxide

Type Capacity Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Electricity
MOBILE M1 – SPUI 10 M3 P/U 7×2,5×4 MTR 14000 KG. 380 VOLT. +/- 6KWH P/U
MOBILE CL-1.2 -SPUI 1.2 M3 P/U 3.50×1.80×2.40 MTR 2000 KG. 380 VOLT. +/- 6KWH P/U
MOBILE CL-1.6 SPUI 1.6 M3 P/U 3.50×1.80×2.40MTR 2000 KG. 380 VOLT. +/- 6KWH P/U

Flexible deployment
No investment
No problems with your wastewater and discharge